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Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio space needed

A friend of mine, Sawsan Alhaddad, an artist and anesthesiologist, is trying to help an Iraqi artist who just immigrated to the US 3 months ago get started in Cleveland. Ahmed Gareeb paints, sculpts and does ceramics. He is in the process of learning English , has few financial resources and would like to share space so he can begin to do some work. Sawsan brought Ahmed to see the studio at CSU and introduce him to Dick Schneider. He would be eligible to take a class next fall. I was wondering whether you know of anyone who might have a work space that he might use. He lives on the Westside. An Iraqi architect Adil Altaei who is well settled and speaks good English and lives in the same area as Ahmed,  has been helping him also. Ahmed Gareeb's CV and images of his work are on the following website: 
If you know of any studio space or have any other suggestions please forward them to Sawsan Alhaddad [] and or to me.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Cheryl E. Weinstein

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