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Friday, July 13, 2012


“Tremont ArtWalk: Fanciful Fantastique, Two Cannons and an Icon…”  Opening 6 – 10pm.  Middle of summer… and you know the Tremont ArtWalk is at its peak. This month there’s some cool shows on the bill.  Fanciful Fantastique: New Work and Other Edens @ Aperture – Featuring the work of Cleveland artists Jordan Elise Perme and Adrienne Slane who create “fantastic and curious creations.”  Two Cannons and an Icon @ Brandt Gallery – Photography by Barbara Merritt, David Szekeres and Munroe Copper.  Clown photos @ Grumpy’s – Surprisingly touching photos.  And much more.

“The Battle We Didn’t Choose: My Wife’s Fight with Breast Cancer.”’  Opening Reception 7-9pm. Akron native and photographer Angelo Merendino is back in town with a powerful photo exhibition. His wife, Jen, was diagnosed with breast cancer five months after they married. His photos capture the last year of her life and, in stunning detail, capture the realities of life with cancer. These photos are compelling, moving and just plain beautiful.  View the photos Fri 7/13 – Fri 9/13. Gathering Place 800 Sharon Drive, Westlake
“Cain Park Arts Fest 2012.”  Featuring NOC’s own Andrea Leblond and Yumiko Goto.  Well, Cain Park Arts Fest is the place to be. With over 150 art exhibits and vendors there is plenty to see and to buy. This 3 day event is free Friday and $5 Saturday & Sunday.  What a variety! While the majority of the art is two-dimensional, there are also plenty of sculptures, jewelry, ceramics and much more. It’s an event for the whole family and is an excellent representation of what is cool about Cleveland Heights.  14591 Superior Road, Cleveland Heights.

“Paul Sydorenko-Fort.”  Opening Reception: 7-10 PM.  "When I was young, there was a fort in the woods at the end of my street. All of the neighborhood kids knew about it, but no one knew who built it? Maybe it was left over from the older kids who had grown up and moved on to driving cars and dating? It had definitely seen better days, yet this ramshackle fort made of old scrap wood and plastic tarping was magical to us. Even with the soiled carpet flooring, cigarette butts, and beer cans; it was awesome. Maybe that's what made it awesome… it was an escape. It was adventure. It was the start of us trying to act like adults or trying to act cool. Becoming soldiers or looking at water damaged penthouse magazines that had sat through storms, winters, god knows what? It was there for at least ten years. And then one day, just as it magically arrived, it was gone. I still think about that fort today. I think about how cool it was to sit in that fort and just imagine… imagine that anything and everything was possible." Paul's latest solo exhibition, Fort, brings those memories back to life in an ambitious series of installation, mixed media and conceptual works. William Rupnik Gallery 1117 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44115 
“Mitch O’Connell.”  6 – 10PM World-renowned artist Mitch O’Connell is coming to Cleveland! You can see his work in Coke and McDonald’s advertisements, CD covers, Newsweek and The New York Times… and now in Cleveland.  Also he’s a cool guy. A humorous fellow, always looking out for the best in life and avoiding snobs, O’Connell’s event is sure to make for a splendid evening. So come down to the Kollective Gallery and join in on the genius. Kollective Gallery, 1908 S. Taylor Road, Cleveland Hts.,

“Medina Art in the Park.”  Featuring NOC’s own Bette Drake (Image Above) and Bonnie Gordon. 11am to 6pm Medina Town Square, Medina, OH

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