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Friday, August 10, 2012


“Brandon P. Davis
 RUINS RELICS REVELATIONS.”Opening Reception: 7-10 PM, Ruins Relics Revelations is the first solo exhibition by emerging photographer Brandon P. Davis showcasing the finest examples of urban decay found within the Rust Belt. Whether it be spaces used for recreation, education, or manufacturing, Brandon's photographs depict compelling scenes of decay and neglect. Thought provoking and emotional, these photographic works leave the audience asking how and why such beautiful structures end in dissolution. From a wide angle view narrowed to gritty details, this collection wholly depicts aspects of midwestern ruins with an additional hint of mystery, allowing the viewer to reveal their own beliefs and conclusions.Brandon P. Davis is a Cleveland-based photographer whose pursuit is capturing examples of blight and dereliction in urban environments. He ventures into desolate structures in hopes of discovering a scene that has been forgotten and cast aside by those that once occupied them. Paying close attention to the existing architectural details of the building and what parts have fallen into disrepair, Brandon beautifully composes his photographs to ultimately tell the story of environmental and societal demise.  William Rupnik Gallery, 1117 Euclid Ave. Cleveland.

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