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Thursday, March 5, 2015


NOC Pot(Cha) Kucha!  This event will be graciously hosted by Allen Kradlak at the (heated!) AK Studios 604, North Rocky River Drive, Berea, OH 44017.  BE there!   From 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  Presenters for the first event will include:  Kristen Cliffel, Valerie Grossman, Allen Kradlak, Andrea Leblond, Lynne Lofton, Jenny Mendes, Kevin Snipes and Mark Yasenchack.  Sounds like fun!  It will be great to get out of our studios and share what we are all up to.   Please RSVP to Todd if you haven’t already.  Refreshments will be provided.
Heights Art Gallery, 2175 Lee Road  Cleveland Hts., 216.371.3457  “Impermanence.”  Opening 6-9pm. Then and now connect in Impermanence, the latest exhibition at Heights Arts. Organized by guest curator and photographer Daniel Levin, Impermanence pairs photographs of local streetscapes at different times in history.  Ever wonder what the place you’re standing in looked like a century ago? A group of local photographers, using an academic approach called Rephotographic Survey, studied old local photos to determine exactly where, when and how the photo was taken. They tried their best to duplicate the time of day the photo was shot, even attempting to stand exactly where the original photographer was standing.  The result is a collection of stunning images showcasing subtle and drastic changes to our scenery.
Satellite Gallery 422 East 156th Street, Cleveland. “In Orbit.”  Opening reception 6-9pm.  Loren Naji’s Satellite Gallery is back in orbit at March’s Walk All Over Waterloo event, and there’s so much new stuff to see. It’s like walking on a different planet when stepping foot into the gallery, and for March, the Satellite crew is back with some new faces.  In addition to the usual crew, make sure you keep an eye out for old and new faces alike: Ross Bochnek, Chris Martin, Christine Ripley, Matthew Ryals and Natalie Lanese, Grace Summanen, and Gadi Zamir. Since the event is coinciding with the walk, be sure to bring your interstellar personalities to socialize!
Bay Arts, 28795 Lake Road, Bay Village, OH. “The Best of NOIS and CAN Kickoff.” Opening 7-9pm.  The Northern Ohio Illustrator's Society, Inc (NOIS) is comprised of Cleveland artists that support the fine art of illustration. This show will feature choice illustrative art selections by: Christina Bruce-Kaiser, Gary Dumm, Laura Dumm, Jackie Freedmen, Lou Grasso, Ron Hill, Milan Kecman, George Kocar, Nancy Lick, James Mravec, Roland Napoli, Roberta Salo, Don Sandstrom, Tara Seibel, Gerry Shamray and Jeff Suntula.  - CAN Kickoff -  Pick up your latest copy of the CAN Journal!

Harris-Stanton Gallery 2301 West Market Street, Akron, 330.867.7600,  “In Harmony.”  Opening Reception 5:30-8pm.  

Later this spring!
NOC’s OWN Sandy Miller will be presenting at Touchstone Throwdown!

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