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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to the New & Improved NOC

It's a new year and time for a new user friendly format for Northern Ohio Clay!
Todd Leech and I have volunteered to keep this blog up to date and hopefully
form a more connected clay community.

You can join up to be follower by clicking on the "Follow" icon in the top left hand corner
or on the "Follower" icon to the right.
When new items are posted you should be notified.  You have the ability to comment on postings
at you're convenience.

We can post photos pretty easily.
Videos can be up loaded too.  If there is an opening and you have a video, send it to me
and I will post it.

The blog will also let us post everyone's website to link the clay artists in this area.
If you have a website and would like it on the blog, send it to me!

Happy Clay and stay centered!

Sandy Miller


Theresa Yondo said...

Yeah!!! Thanks a million for getting this going. The blog looks great. Although, I would like to see the dark grey background changed to a brighter color.

madpotter1 said...

We can do that!!