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Thursday, October 16, 2014


First of all thank you to all who attended the kiln repair workshop, it was great to see so many people out!

William Busta Gallery, 2731 Prospect Ave., Cleveland 216.298.9071  “Kate Budd-Sculpture (Image Above), Hildur Asgeirsdottir Jonsson-Paintings, Paul Yanko-Paintings..”  Opening 5-9pm.
Morgan Conservatory, 1754 E. 47th Street, Cleveland, 216.361.9255,   “Char Norman & Elena Osterwald, and Abecedaria VII, and Art Books Cleveland.”  Opening 6-9. Artist talk at 6.
78th Street Studios. 1300 West 78th Street, Cleveland.  Openings at Micro Art Space, Hedge Gallery and Cleveland West art League!
Lecture and Crits
Kent State University Art Gallery, Terrace Drive, Kent.  330.672.7853.  Henry Halem started out in Ceramics as did many of the glass folks. Henry used to teach ceramics here before he started the Glass program. Henry has a BFA in Ceramics from RISD and a MFA from George Washington Univ.  Make sure you guys show up for his Lecture this Friday OCt. 17 th at NOON in the Art bldg. AUD room 202.  Potluck afterwards in the School of Art Gallery- please bring some thing to share.  Sign up for a crit with Henry as he is a sharp & insightful critic. The signup sheet would be posted next week in the front of art gallery.

Stains Available:
As I mentioned I am closing Eucalyptus Stoneware after 40 years in business and would like to find  homes for these Mason stains.  The picture shows some of I’ve got for sale.  (The blue cans in the background are full, by the way) Pick a stain, call around and check the prices.  You’ll see that I’m selling these pretty cheap.  I realize you don’t know me from Adam.  Ask Lana Wilson or John Conrad, they should vouch for me. In order to do this efficiently here’s how I propose to do this:  Minimum order per stain is 2 lbs.  Minimum total order is $50   (Please put  small groups together for group buys so I can ship to fewer addresses.  Cuts your shipping costs, too!)  All orders will be shipped on either Friday, Oct 12 or Fri, Oct 19 FYI, a priority USPS box will hold 20 lbs and ships for a flat rate of $12.65.  Quantities above 20 lbs will ship FedEx ground from Eucalyptus Stoneware.  Payment will be Visa or Mastercard only—we will complete this transaction over the phone Send orders to  I will reply within 24 hours to let you know status, that is, what’s sold out and what I still have Call (858) 755 5656 with any questions and leave a message!!!  With your order please include name, shipping address, and phone.  I’ve got a great scale and will be generous with my weights!  First come, first served.   So act now!  Stains marked *** indicate small quantities that will be sold in their entirety.  Here’s what I’ve got:

Mason  #        Mason name        Lbs  Available       Price per pound
6000                         Shell Pink                     81                        $9.50  
6001                      Alpine Rose                    8                            9.50
6003                       Crimson                        52                            9.50
6006                Deep Crimson                   57                            9.50
6021                        Red                                  5                         17.50
6023                   Clover Pink                      10                           8.50
6025                    Coral Red                         6                          11.50
6026               ***Lobster***                 3                           11.50
6027                  Tangerine                        12                          10.50
6100             Woodland Brown             20                             5.50
6109                 Deep Brown                    14                           5.75
6122                Cedar Brown                   38                            5.50
6125             Leather Brown                     9                            5.75
6133              Sorrel Brown                     13                            5.75
6134                 Red Brown                      25                            5.50
6200               Evergreen                         16                            5.50
6204               Victoria Green                  15                           5.75
6211            Pea Green                            37                            7.50
6223         ***Ivy Green***                  3                             7.50
6255        ***Jade Green***                2.5                         8.00
6263          Victoria Green                       15                           5.75
6304          Chrome Tin Violet                10                        18.00
6324          Violet                                        10                           8.00
6343          Mediterranean Blue            6                             7.00
6398          Deep Peacock                        8                             9.50
6404          Vanadium Yellow                  9                           12.00
6405           Naples Yellow                      28                            5.50
6410   ***Canary Yellow***               2.6                         8.50
6450      Praseodymium  Yellow          6                              7.25
6464      Zirconium Yellow                     10                            8.75
6500      Sage Grey                                  10                            6.25
6503       Taupe Grey                               7                              5.00
6515     Soft Medium Grey                   22                           5.00
6523           Green Grey                         10                            5.00
6572         Neutral Grey                        10                             5.00
6573         Rose Taupe                           29                             6.50
6591          Gun Metal                            20                             6.50
58058     Bean Pot Brown                     8.5                          6.50

And just in case somebody wants to do a half scale sculpture of, let’s say, the Golden Gate Bridge in, let’s say,  a Pepto Bismol Pink I have 180 lbs of a stain, Mason 5925, that will get them happily on their way.  My only request is that nobody asks why I have this much of that stain.  I’d go into a mild depression that could last for weeks.

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