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Wednesday, March 9, 2016



Cleveland State University Art Gallery, 1307 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 216.687.2103,  “Go Figure.  Empty Gestures.  And the Ornamental Impulse:  Form, Patter and Color.”  Conversation- 4 pm.  Opening-  5-8pm.  

Artists Archives of the Western Reserve, 1834 E. 123rd St. Cleveland, 216.721.9020  “Reinvention.”  Opening 5:30-8pm

Akron Museum of Art, 1 S. High Street. Akron, 330.376.9185,  Thu 3/10-Sun 8/14.  The Akron Art Museum is really getting into organizing shows around popular topics. Its exhibition Snack is currently on view, and now it’s being joined by Animals as a Muse, reflecting an even more popular subject.  Drawn from the museum’s own collection, the show will feature a variety of furry, feathered, swimming and crawling critters filtered through diverse artistic lenses, and demonstrating how animals inspire creativity. The show includes photographs, paintings, drawing and mixed media assemblages and will include hands-on, interactive elements. It will be on view through Sun 8/14.


Zygote Press, 1410 East 30th St., Cleveland 216.621.2900  Thursday 3/10 @ 6PM.  Fri 3/11 @ 6-9PM
At its core, printmaking is the craft of disseminating fine art. And for decades, the Northeast Ohio scene was spotty at best. That is until the cooperative, fine art printmaking workshop Zygote Press started up in 1996.  Soon its organizers discovered what began as a zygote of an idea was warmly embraced by an arts community starving for a collective vision where artists were encouraged to produce fine art prints. Today, this nonprofit is an epicenter of creative expression for printmakers and artists in its E 30th St. location, as well as throughout Cleveland neighborhoods.  Zygote Press celebrates its 20th anniversary with the “Lovin’ Spoonful” fundraiser taking place Thu 3/10 at Tastebuds Restaurant next door to its workshop, as well as with retrospective exhibition ReUNITE, which opens a day later and features artworks by Christi Birchfield, Reverend Albert Wagner, Laurence Channing and Audra Skoudas.  (Image Above)

Bay Arts, 28795 Lake Road, Bay Village  “Annual Juried Show.”  Opening 7-9pm.
Cleveland Print Room (in Artcraft Building), 2550 Superior Ave, Suite 102, Cleveland, 216.401.5981.  “In Search of Red and Other Stories:  From the Collection of Peter Cohen.”  

Tremont Art Walk.


Art House 3119 Denison Ave., Cleveland 216.398.8556,  “Art House's first annual chili cook-off.”  Opening 1-4pm.   The first 100 people will receive a bowl made by one of the artists including Chris Dodson, John Klassen, Kate McDermott, (Noc’s Own)John Miyazawa, Kabid Syed and Brinsley Tyrell. You get tastes of all 10 contenders and a bowl of your favorite. Tickets are $15 (12 & up) $5 for children. Call for tickets at:216-398-8556. All proceeds go to benefit Art House, Inc..

Transformer Station 1460 W.29th Street, Cleveland, “Unfixed.”  Opening 2PM.  Unfixed, the current exhibit at the Transformer Station, celebrates every photographer’s and photo collector’s nightmare: the fading and disappearance of the photographic image. The show features works that are deliberately unstable, creating an object that changes over time, engaging ideas of the passage of time, mortality and memory. Some were made specifically for this show which runs through Sun 4/3.  Want to know more about what these images and objects are trying to convey? Dr. Kate Albers, an art professor at the University of Arizona, will give a lecture at the Transformer Station on “The Ephemeral Photograph: From Salt Prints to Snapchat.” It’s free.

Theresa Yondo Show Info:  Still Point Gallery and The h' ART of Chagrin.  On March 12 from 2-6 p.m. Still Point Gallery, LITTLE ITALY 2026 Murray Hill Road (The Schoolhouse Galleries) #108, will host a special event to celebrate Women's History Month and  On March 18 from 6-9 p.m. The h'ART of Chagrin, 100 North Main St.#220, will also host a special event to celebrate Woman's History Month.  Theresa will have additional work at both of these sites.  Theresa fortunately will be at NCECA (ceramic conference) but unfortunately will not be able to attend the March 18th event. 

Plan the year out at Ohio Ceramic Supply!  Here’s the upcoming workshop list!!!
Here’s the schedule for 2016:

·         April 2 (Cbus) April 3 (Kent)
o   Geno Luketic (Yellow Springs)
o   James Leslie (Akron)
·         May 20 (Cbus) May 21 (Kent)
o   Bonnie Cohen (Akron)
·         July 30 (Cbus) July 31 (Kent)
o   Alex Kraft (Atlanta)
·         October 15 (Cbus) 16 (Kent)
o   Matt Nolen (NYC)
·         November 19 (Cbus) – Columbus only
o   Brenda Quinn

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