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Friday, May 13, 2016


Walkabout Tremont.  
Bay Arts, 28795 Lake Road, Bay Village.  “The Potters Kitchen Annual Ceramics Exhibition and Sale.”  Open 7-9pm.  

Cleveland Ceramics Tour Weekend #2

Stop#1: Terra Vista Studios
1400 E 30th #401, Cleveland, OH 44114
Artists: Megan Dull, Yumiko Goto, Andrea LeBlond, Lynne Lofton and Robert Romeo.  Open 11-5pm. 

Stop#2: ArtCraft
2570 Superior Ave, 6th Floor Studios, Cleveland, OH 44114
Artists: Mark Yasenchack, Ikuko Miklowski and fellow studio artists. Open 11-6pm.  

Cleveland Flea 3615 Superior Ave.   9am-4 pm.  Featuring the work of NOC’s own Lauren Herzak-Bauman!


Kalman and Pabst, 3907 Perkins.  “2016 Fine Art Show.”  Open 5.13 from 5-10 pm.  Open 5.14  1-6pm.   Learn more & RSVP at: 

Tent Sharing Anyone?
If anyone is doing the Bay Arts Art and Music Festival on June 18 and would be interested in sharing their tent with a fellow potter, please contact me.  I just got the notice and they have a May 15 deadline on it, so not a lot of time. This is a juried show, and I’ve already juried in.  It is outside and they only provide the space.  Artists have to bring their own tables, chairs, and tents.  I normally only do inside shows, but this sounds like it could be fun.  Contact me at: if you want more info, or if already registered for this show, wouldn’t mind a person to share your tent!!

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